Covered Super II style & two X-13s

The X-14 is Samick/Hondo's standard humbucker, with similar specs to the DiMarzio K-10. It was introduced around 1983 and used in almost all Hondos with humbuckers. They were offered in several different styles; a standard humbucker style, a flat polepiece K-10 style, and a Super II style (with or without plastic cover). Because of this, they are often mistaken for DiMarzios (so make sure you know what you're buying).

They typically come in around 7-8K Ohms D.C. Resistance and use a ceramic magnet. On the underside, you'll find a blank Brass baseplate with a Reddish-Brown sealant attaching the cover.

The pole spacing is slightly narrower than a standard humbucker, in order to accommodate the Wide Tune-O-Matic bridge's narrower post spacing. However, the difference is negligible, so it can be replaced by a standard humbucker or used with a standard bridge without issue.
X-14s underside

X-14s that came from the factory with a chrome cover use thin, translucent white bobbins and are not wax-potted.

X-14 uncovered

Chrome covered X-14, uncovered


Single coil version of the X-14.


Split bass pickup version of the X-14.


8-pole, straight bar bass pickup version of the X-14.


The X-44 is a higher output version of the X-14.

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