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Vantage was a brand started by Music Technologies, Inc. (MTI) around 1978. MTI was formerly known as Unicord, Inc., which created the Univox and Westbury brands [1]. The very first known model was a re-branded Hondo HLP called the V-100, most likely sold around 1978. By 1979, their guitars were mostly unique designs made exclusively by Matsumoku in Japan.

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This continued until Matsumoku closed in early 1987. Some time that same year, Samick began building Vantages and then purchased the Vantage trademark [2]. MTI cancelled their rights to it in April 1989 [3]. Coincidentally, Samick had a relationship with Matsumoku dating back to the 1970s, where they were tutored by the Japanese manufacturer, so they were a fitting new home for Vantage.

Samick kept the classic Avenger X (and later reissued the AV), while re-creating the VLP Spirit as the DL, and the VSH as the 635V. However, it was largely a new lineup, mostly consisting of contemporary "superstrats". At first, a new pointy, "reverse" headstock was used, but in 1991, all models returned to classic Vantage headstock designs. Notably, there was only one neck-through model offered (the 928), which was a superstrat, unlike the neck-through models that Vantage is now known for (Coincidentally, Samick had built neck-through guitars in the style of those classic Vantages under various brand names during the early 1980s).

Production ended by 2003.


Indonesian Models

  • MIE
  • VIB
  • VIE
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