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Vantage was a brand started by Music Technologies, Inc. (MTI) around 1978. MTI was formerly known as Unicord, Inc., which created the Univox and Westbury brands [1]. The very first known model was a re-branded Hondo HLP called the V-100, most likely sold around 1978. By 1979, their guitars were mostly unique designs made exclusively by Matsumoku in Japan.

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This continued until Matsumoku closed in early 1987. Some time that same year, Samick purchased the Vantage trademark and began building Vantages. There were no Japanese made Vantages after Matsumoku closed in 1987. MTI cancelled their rights to the brand in April 1989 [2]. Coincidentally, Samick had a relationship with Matsumoku dating back to the 1970s, where they were tutored by the Japanese manufacturer, so they were a fitting new home for Vantage.

Samick kept the classic Avenger X (and later reissued the AV), while re-creating the VLP Spirit as the DL, and the VSH as the 635V. However, it was largely a new lineup, mostly consisting of contemporary "superstrats". At first, a new pointy, "reverse" headstock was used, but in 1991, all models returned to classic Vantage headstock designs. Notably, there was only one neck-through model offered (the 928), which was a superstrat, unlike the neck-through models that Vantage is now known for (Coincidentally, Samick had built neck-through guitars in the style of those classic Vantages under various brand names during the early 1980s).

Production ended by 2003.


Indonesian Models

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  • VIB
  • VIE