Sunrise logo (1981-1989)

The Hondo brand was created through a joint-venture between Samick and Texas-based IMC (International Music Corporation). The new company introduced modern American and Japanese production methods to the Korean market, while taking advantage of the low-wage level in Korea to offer inexpensive, entry-level guitars.

(For more, see: Hondo's History)

Note: ALL Hondos from 1972-1989 (unless otherwise specified) are made in Korea by Samick.




Note: for help understanding model designations, see: Naming Conventions

Note #2: Not all model variations listed, just the basic model of each style. Variations will be in basic model's page.

1978 Ad

1978 HDLP-2 Ad

1980 Ad

1980-1981 Professional Series catalog

1981 Longhorn Ad

1982 "Maiden Voyage" Ad

1982 HP-1025 & Chiquita Ad

1983 H-781 EXP Ad

1984 The Sting Ad

1984 Paul Dean Ad

1984 H-2 Ad

1985 Flash Ad

1985 Mastercaster Series Ad

1986 H-7600 & H-7370 Ad

1986 "Heavy Metal Zoo" Ad

  1. 7 (Classical Concert style)
  • HP-1214 (Vantage style)
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