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The Hondo brand was created through a joint-venture between Samick and Texas-based IMC (International Music Corporation). The new company introduced modern American and Japanese production methods to the Korean market, while taking advantage of the low-wage level in Korea to offer inexpensive, entry-level guitars.

(For more, see: Hondo's History)

Note: ALL Hondos from 1972-1989 (unless otherwise specified) are made in Korea by Samick.




Note: for help understanding model designations, see: Naming Conventions

Note #2: Not all model variations listed, just the basic model of each style. Variations will be in basic model's page.

78 ad

1978 Ad

78 hondo II ad June 1978 Guitar Player-0

1978 HDLP-2 Ad

80 H740 ad

1980 Ad

80-81 professional catalog 1-0

1980-1981 Professional Series catalog

81 Longhorn ad

1981 Longhorn Ad

81 H-935BS ad

1982 "Maiden Voyage" Ad

82 HP-1025R and CH-1Y ad

1982 HP-1025 & Chiquita Ad

83 Starburst 781 ad

1983 H-781 EXP Ad

84 IMC The Sting ad

1984 The Sting Ad

84 PD-2 ad

1984 Paul Dean Ad

84 H-2 ad

1984 H-2 Ad

85 H888 Flash ad-0

1985 Flash Ad

85 mastercaster ad-0

1985 Mastercaster Series Ad

86 h7370 ad

1986 H-7600 & H-7370 Ad

86 Zoo Series ad

1986 "Heavy Metal Zoo" Ad

  • HP-1214 (Vantage style)
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