Harmony was created in 1892, bought by Sears, Roebuck and Co. in 1916 and by 1930 had become the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the U.S.[1] They were built in Chicago and had become the standard for budget instruments until the 1970s, when they were undercut and overtaken by Japanese manufacturers. The Chicago factory was closed in 1975, and the name was sold off to International Music Corporation. Harmony returned in 1978 under IMC, with a lineup entirely different from the quirky Chicago-made models. They were then mostly copies based on the Hondo lineup, made in Korea by Samick. IMC-era models can be easily identified by the tagline "Est. 1892" under "Harmony" on the headstock. By the 1980s, production had expanded to another contract builder in Taiwan for the cheapest models. The sub-brands Marquis, then Discovery surfaced in the early 1980s. Korean production continued until at least 1992. After that, it moved to Samick's Indonesian factory.

Samick-built models

  • D-740 (LP style)
  • D-750 (Tele style)
  • D-760 (Strat style)
  • D-770
  • E-61
  • E-777
  • H-90
  • H-732
  • H-666
  • H-818
  • H-7000
  • H-7300
  • H-9000
  • H-9350
  • HEA-200


  • H-80T
  • H-90
  • H-801
  • H-802
  • H-814