Charvette was introduced in 1989 as a sub-brand created by Charvel to sell inexpensive versions of Charvel guitars. There is much discussion over their production being Japanese or Korean. Some claim that early models were Japanese, then production moved to Korea, while others claim certain models were Japanese and others were Korean. However, either of these theories are unlikely because there was already a line of Japanese Charvels, priced above the Charvette line. So that would make Japanese Charvettes redundant. By 1989, Japanese production had long since become too expensive for budget models such as these. Beside that, construction details reveal that all models were made in Korea by Samick.


  • Model 100
  • Model 150
  • Model 170
  • Model 200
  • Model 250
  • Model 270
  • Model 300
  • Model 400
  • Model 500