Artist series

The Artist Series has easily become Samick's most well-known and acclaimed line. Officially introduced in 1995 (with some early models made in 1994), the Artist Series was the culmination of 30 years of building guitars, and everything learned from working with engineers at Gibson, Tokai and Matsumoku. Nearly all Korean-made models became part of the Artist Series in 1995. In 2001, Samick introduced the Signature Series (Designed by Greg Bennett), which was most likely not intended to replace the Artist Series, but rather to be sold alongside it. This is likely the case because Samick revamped the Artist Series in 2002, with a new logo and new features (also, adding some Indonesian-made models). What most likely happened was Gibson putting pressure on Samick to stop using designs that were derivative of theirs. The last Artist Series models were produced in December 2002.

Today, as Japanese-built guitars are getting more expensive, players are increasingly recognizing the value and quality of Korean-built guitars.

Buyer's tip: Anything claimed by a seller that goes beyond the information contained here, is very likely false. There is often much embellishment and outright fabrication in descriptions from sellers. Buyers beware.


Artist HS



  • LAB


  • HFB-590
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